Studying in a modern country with a high standard education like Singapore is the dream of many students from all over the world. However, the cost of living and studying abroad is also a concern.

To estimate the cost of studying in Singapore must be based on many factors. That is, you choose to attend a public or a private school? Choose to study Business or Education or Health? How is each person’s ability to control spending? And you choose to live in a dormitory or rent a house and share a room with friends … Only when figuring out these criteria, can you make a specific financial plan for the study abroad in Singapore. This article will support you to discover the costs for studying in New Zealand. 

Firstly, let’s see tuition fees in Singapore: The tuition fee for each level of study in Singapore is as follows:

Study programsTuition fee
English course550 – 880 SGD/month
High school programPublic schools2500 – 3500 SGD/year
Private schools9500 – 11500 SGD/year
Certificate courses2000 – 2500 SGD / course
College program7000 – 10000 SGD /course
Advanced college program6900 – 12000 SGD / course
UniversityPublic schools6000 – 17000 SGD / year
Private schools10500 – 22000 SGD / year
Post graduate programPublic schools10000 – 24000 SGD / year
Private schools17000 – 26000 SGD / year

Secondly, this article will give you more information about living expenses in Singapore. Singapore has a relatively high cost of living. Usually renting a dormitory or apartment for rent costs from SGD 500 to 800 / person / month. The cost of eating and studying in Singapore is about 20 SGD / day (equivalent to 450 SGD / month). Travel costs are about 70 SGD-100 SGD / month.

The cost of studying abroad in Singapore depends on many factors (the ability to control each person’s spending, whether to go out for a lot of time, whether to buy a lot of things …) so the fee listed here is based on cost medium. There are some students with lower living costs, while others have higher spending.

  1. Housing cost:  

There are many types of accommodation in Singapore, with prices ranging from 400 – 1500 SGD. In general, each form has its own advantages, depending on your financial ability, you can make appropriate choices.

In the dormitory near the school, you will save travel costs – but will have to get used to the collective life and sharing rooms with quite a few other students (1 room from 6-8 people).

Staying at a homestay helps you quickly get to know and integrate with life in Singapore – suitable for the first time.

Sharing an apartment with many students is quite comfortable and can stay for a long time, however, it is necessary to find suitable people to live with.

In addition, you must consider the cost of electricity, gas and water. Estimates cost between 50 – 100 SGD if you rent an apartment with others.

  1. Travelling: 

When studying in Singapore, students mostly travel by subway (MRT) or bus. It will be more convenient if you buy an EZ-linkcard, which can be conveniently taken by bus and subway.

Public school students will receive a concession card when using public transport. On average you will lose about 20-100 SGD / month for travel expenses.

  1. Eating

You can eat at the school’s canteens for between 2.5 – 4 SGD / meal. At the dining centers, the price is not too expensive – you can have a good meal with only a few SGD.

The most economical way is to cook for yourself. You can take advantage of dry items brought from home, and buy food at the market (shops and supermarkets will sell for a little higher price).

The cost of your meals in Singapore can take between 100 and 450 SGD / month.

Be aware that: Boarding schools usually have 2 meals for students every day. This cost has been included in boarding expenses. However, this fee is not included in the room rate in Student houses, where students have to pay extra for meals.

  1. Communication

In Singapore there are 3 mobile phone networks (Singtel, Mobile One, Starhub), so the cost is quite low. You will lose about 30 SGD / month depending on the number of messages, calls, and places you call.

On weekends and from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday local calls in Singapore will be cheaper.

Calling public phones only costs 10 cents every 3 minutes.

Most schools allow free Internet access, so you should use phone calls such as skype, viber … to save money.

  1. Personal spending

Depending on your consumption level this cost can be estimated at about 50-100 SGD / month. Includes expenses such as clothes, shoes, cleaning, entertainment, hair cutting and others like: Books and stationery: 50 – 100 SGD / month; Health insurance: 100 – 200 SGD / year. In addition, when you first go to Singapore to study, you may take a fee to buy computers, fees for making cards, telephone, cable, etc. You can buy used books at a lower price than buying new books and take advantage of the library to read and search documents…

In conclusion, the cost of studying in Singapore that you have to pay in 1 year will be: Tuition fees: 10,000 – 15,000 SGD / year and Living expenses: 800-1000 x 12 months = 9600-12000 SGD. So the total cost in 1 year will range from 20,000 to 27,000 SGD, depending on the course you register. Although the cost of studying and living in Singapore falls into the top category, it will shorten the time to study, experience a professional education, get a high quality qualification and have international value.

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